Dame Aylin BG3 Armour Patterns

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You've probably found your way here because you're thinking about making Dame Aylin!

 This pack includes the patterns for the helmet, torsoplate, pauldrons, elbows pieces (couters) and the vambraces. I can't digitise the patterns for any of the leg armour because they were patterned directly onto a pair of heels. You also will get all the STL files which includes:

- Back of Hand Armour

- Buckles and other Hardware

- spiral details

- Various pieces of the torsoplate (centre moon and anchor/stars)

- the Sash stars (two version)

I have also included the vector files for the scale mail for those who want to make theirs out of foam on a vinyl machine! these are made to fit a 24"x12" board

 I'll be hopefully releasing a full length video on the making process of this costume on my YouTube (eufiemoon) and I have three highlights documenting it on my instagram too! the patterns should be pretty clear in terms of what parts get glued to which part but there isn't a step-by-step tutorial to go with these so it's best to have some idea of basic foam armour making! or at least the enthusiasm to give it a go. I have also included pattern overviews for every pattern to help with visualising what goes where!


Most of these patterns were also drafted directly onto me so I'll include my measurements below. everything can be scaled up/down and I recommend switching the zip closures on certain pieces out with eyelets for an adjustable lace-up piece! I'll also recommend trying to make a draft version from either cheap foam or just double print everything and use the paper pattern to roughly test the fit!

 My measurements -

Height - 175cm

I am around 115lbs/52kg and typically a UK 6 clothing

C - 34C (32")

W - 26"

H - 33"

All Patterns are scaled to A4 in PDF format and include instructions on printing (some require you to use the poster setting in adobe acrobat and some don't so please check the printing page for each pattern beforehand!

 Whilst not available yet I will be listing a build-guide for this costume as soon as I have it finished but I will list this as a separate item, as well as part of a bigger Aylin bundle.

 These files are intended for personal use but I am okay with them being used for commissions - provided you rebuy the pattern set for each commission you do and you do not exceed 5 commissions using them. You're welcome to share these with friends but I ask you consider tipping me via kofi if you do so to help support me making these! https://ko-fi.com/eufiemoon - if you have any questions regarding these please don't hesitate to reach out to me via instagram/twitter/email eufiemoon@gmail.com - I'm happy to help with any crafting queries!


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PDF Patterns, 3d Models, and vector files

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Dame Aylin BG3 Armour Patterns

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